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The Suburban Skating School provides nationally recognized Learn to Skate programming within our communities in a professional, inclusive and safe environment. Our passionate staff empowers individuals to pursue various avenues of skating and achieve their goals, be it in figure skating or ice hockey. Skating with us is a fun way to build confidence while finding health, happiness and opportunities on the ice.

Brenda Willhite
Skating Director
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Winter 2 Session
February 25 - April 11
Upcoming Sessions:
Spring 1: April 14 - May 23
Spring 2:
June 2 - July 17
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This fee is mandatory and will be automatically included in your first session fee each season.

ANNUAL ASPIRE MEMBERSHIP (Year 1 - $60, Year 2 - $145)
The Aspire Membership is an introductory membership to the ONYX-Suburban Skating Academy

The Learn to Skate USA Season Runs July 1 through June 30

*prices reflect 6-week session

AGES 3-5

Parent Tot
Learn basic balance and skating skills with a parent or adult friend accompanying skater on the ice. Adults must be able to skate


Snowplow Sam 1
Learn basic balance and skating skills in a fun introductory class


Snowplow Sam 2-3
Skaters who have passed Snowplow Sam 1 or who have previously taken skating lessons. Develop preliminary coordination and strength to maneuver on ice


AGES 6-11

Basic 1
Learn the basic fundamentals of skating to begin hockey, figure skating, and speed


Basic 2-6
Skaters who have passed Basic 1 or Snowplow Sam 3. Classes cover the basic fundamental skating skills that will build on each level as the skater progresses



Hockey 1-4
Skaters of any age who have passed Snowplow Sam 3 or Basic 1. Classes are designed to develop skating skills necessary for hockey. Skaters may wear full hockey gear. Sticks will be provided during class time. No stick use allowed on practice ice area


Pre-Freeskate - Freeskate 6
Classes build on previous skills, providing skaters a strong foundation of all elements. Instruction will focus on more advanced figure skating skills including jumps, spins, and edge work. The program includes a 30-minute class and 20-minute off-ice class + 2 additional practice ice times per week


ASPIRE Program

Open to skaters who have passed Basic 3 and above and are ready to take the next steps in becoming a figure skater. Program includes on-ice and off-ice training. Includes 50 minutes of instructional time plus a 30 minute off-ice class.

Aspire skaters may also enroll in corresponding leveled class for 50% OFF.



Teen (ages 12-17)
Skate with your friends while learning the fundamentals of skating


Adult (ages 18+)
Classes are designed for the mature skater interested in learning how to skate and are geared towards the skater's ability


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Format: 25 minute class + 25 minute practice, once per week.

Nametags: The nametag table will be located near the entrance. Please wear nametag every week

Colored Boards: During the designated class time, skaters will meet at the colored boards located along the boards corresponding to the color on their nametag

Practice Ice: Available for LTS students only. Parents and siblings are not allowed on the ice. Skaters must be able to skate on their own to utilize the monitored practice ice area

Evaluations: Skaters will be evaluated the 2nd to last class. At the end of class they will be given an evaluation form with the instructor's recommendation
Badges: Badges for completing each level can be purchased at the front desk for $1.00


Online Registration: Registration is available online through our website

Current Student Registration: Current students may register for the next session after their evaluation the 2nd to last week of the session. It is recommended to do so to reserve their spot

Open Registration: This is open to the public as well as skaters who were not enrolled in the previous session
Skate Rental: Skate rental may be prepaid at the time of registration. Skates are also available for rental on a day-to-day basis. Skate Rental is non-refundable.

Refund Policy: Please be aware there is a no refund policy




To learn more about the Onyx Suburban Skating Academy, email our skating Director, Brenda Willhite, or visit




Visit to learn more about our youth hockey programs and leagues.

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